Travel Bucket List #4

The Land of the Vikings.

Iceland is among one of the top places that I would love to travel to in the near future. This desire for this destination comes from the scenery and history of Iceland. I first learned that Iceland was not covered in ice from the movie Mighty Ducks. A hockey team’s staff enlightens coach Gordon of this fact and that intrigued me from a young age to learn more about this place.

From this young age of when I was introduced to Iceland, I have been fascinated by this area of land located in the North Atlantic Ocean. Being from Minnesota and our football team being the Vikings. The connection here is that a lot of Nordic ancestors are deep rooted in Minnesota heritage. Along with this deep history of vicious pillaging on villages where the Vikings had shored their ships, there is breath taking scenery from coast to coast.

A trip to Iceland would enlighten me to get a sense of what it would be live in a place with vast landscapes. These include mountains, volcanos, open prairies, just to mention a hand full of the different types Iceland is known for. Traveling here would be a great ending to a chapter in my life since i was first introduced to this land mass in the early 2000’s, courtesy of the Mighty Ducks movie franchise.

See you sooner than later, Iceland.


Travel Bucket List #3

The land of golf’s creation. Scotland.

Scotland is the land where the game of golf was created. There is so much history with this place dating back to the early 16th century with some of the first golf courses known of existence. Although golf is one of the major things that Scotland is most known for, it also has eye appealing scenery where ever you travel within the country.

The reason that this is so high up on my travel bucket list is because golf has been a large part of my live for over a decade. This has been a stress relief and competitive segment of my life when I want to enjoy a pleasant, sunny afternoon in the summer with my friends. I have also worked at various golf courses through the last 5 years which enabled my do get a first hand look into the game that is widely known as the “Greatest Game Ever Played.”

What better way to take part in a travel experience with one of my favorite games and its birthplace other that a trip to Scotland. As I mentioned previously, golf is just one segment of a successful trip to Scotland  because of the various different historical features of a place with roots dug so deeply. Needless to say, my first place to try and travel in Scotland would be the world renowned golf course named The Old Course at St. Andrews, which is where the Open Championship is held at a lot of the years.

Travel Bucket List #2

Fresh powder with amazing scenery.

Sverige Ski Resort in Sweden has all of the elements for myself to be intrigued in booking a vacation to a wonderful ski resort. I have always wanted to experience the international ski resort community so what better place to start that adventure than in Sweden.

The best travel experience I have ever taken part in was my trip to a few of Colorado’s best ski resorts. My friend and his family took a trip to the Colorado Mountains in order to get a sense of what we were missing out on while snowboarding in Minnesota. We traveled to Winter Park Ski resort, Vail, and Park City. These were some of the best places to experience snowboarding state side. Although it was a great experience, I want to continue my search for the best snowboarding experiences in the world.

Sweden has always been one of the top places I wish to travel to in order to get a view of how international ski resorts are laid out along with the challenge of the hills they incorporate. Sverige has all the components that make this one of the top places on my bucket list. The snow reliability is very high during Sweden’s peak season so there will always be an opportunity to test out this ski resort. They also have numerous amounts of hills available so there will always be different hill experiences to take part in.

I will without a doubt be booking my travel to this ski resort in the near future in order to take in the breath taking scenery and the snowboarding experience. This will be the gate that opens my eyes into the difference between ski resorts both state side and internationally.

Travel Bucket List #1

Scenery, historical, family heritage.

These are just a few reasons why Ireland is atop my travel bucket list. I have always wanted to travel here in order to get a sense of one of the most eye catching, historical places on earth. Another reason for my desire to visit here is because of my family heritage from here.

Visiting here would be a wondering experience because I have many friends from my college, University of Minnesota – Duluth that have been to Ireland. I have yet to hear a negative attribute about their travels based on the overall atmosphere, scenery and their educational experience from their school system.

From a young age, I was able to research and dive into the culture and history of Ireland. I found out that most of my ancestors are from Ireland and the region surrounding it. This thought of traveling to Ireland has been engraved in my brain from a young kid which is why I this location is my primary travel goal to achieve as soon as possible.